Our Story

Two CU-Boulder students and one CU-Boulder alumni first created TEDxCU in the fall of 2012. The event was created to bring the student community, and the community of Boulder together to experience an evening of thought provoking talks. The University of Colorado and the Community of Boulder are both thought leaders within their respective arenas, and both parties have a lot to offer one another. We set out to create an event that would mesh the two, and serve as a connecting platform for both groups. The event is 100% organized by current and former students of CU. We source speakers  from the University and the community of Boulder. We have hosted a TEDxCU event every April since 2013, and look to build a long standing tradition that organizers, students, and the surrounding community can look forward to each spring.

Our Mission

TEDxCU connects two exceptional communities, the University of Colorado, a world-class institution serving over 30,000 students, and the city of Boulder, a vibrant and diverse community of artists, scientists, creative thinkers, engineers, and more. Organized by CU students and alumni, TEDxCU provides a professional and thought-provoking stage for our speakers to deliver their “Idea worth sharing” and spark intellectual collisions between the two communities.

Our Vision

The vision for TEDxCU is to create a premier, student organized, TEDx event that students and community members can look forward to every spring. The event should be organized and executed in such a manner that it draws praise from CU, Boulder, and the TED and TEDx organizations. It should be a diverse event that brings together speakers, organizers, and audience members from diverse industries, professions, and backgrounds. Organizers should view organizing and executing this event as an unrivaled opportunity, while speakers should have the ultimate stage to spread their messages with the student and local community. The tradition of TEDxCU will be passed from year to year so that more students may assist in and experience the process of creating a world-class event, while enabling future speakers to share their messages with our audience.